Technology Training


Technology Training
Technology Training

Technology Training

Do you need to become more efficient and confident with your software?
Do you think there are many other things you should be able to do but don’t know how to ?

Is your company sub utilizing a program that could be of more value to all of you?

Are you aware there are many tools out there that could be very useful to you …. but you don’t know how to use them?

  • Training on Location in Miami Dade and vicinity.
  • Online Training also available.


We can help by preparing a customized course and a customized schedule for your specific training needs.

Whether you require a one-on-one training, a brief course for a small group, or a series of conferences to update your skills, we can offer you a worthwhile alternative.

In Miami – 305-520-WEBS

  • Specific Software training
  • Get the best out of your Computer / Internet Usage
  • Use you iPad or iPhone like a Pro
  • Set up and sync your computer,  tablet and smart phone
  • Organize your social media
  • Save securely your info on the web
  • Technology Training for Seniors
  • Technology Training for Baby-Boomers

Send us your interest and …

find out how we can help you.

  • Please provide us much information as possible on your needs or expectations. On site services are provided in the Miami Dade area. Remote training also available.
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